Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oil spill

All this started on April 20 2010, this happened on the Deepwater zone, this oil spill already killed 11 platform workers by an explosion that occurred 17 people have been injured.
this accident has already killed and affect about 400 animal species along the coastal area by Louisiana , Alabama, etc.
The affected animals because of this oil pill are Birds, sea turtles, marine mammals, fish, and other animals!
we all know that most of marine creature are in are in their reproductive season, and with this oil spill we can put them in a big danger.
like sea turtles are in extinction because us humans don't respect wildlife and we are killing nature beauty! and the importance that those animals bring to our environment. Also if we don't take care of that oil spill we can be in danger too because if that oil goes to the ocean we are going to kill fish and we need that to eat and we need water to survive, but we can kill much more than just fish we are going to kill our selves because with out water we don't survive, with out food we don't survive aether. okay lets talk about all the animals that are in extinction like polar bears if that oil spill keeps growing and mixes into the ocean that water moves and if it goes to the poles animals live there the global warming it's going to get bigger the ice is going to melt and millions and millions of animals humans and everything is going to come to an end.
do we want that for our future?