Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Final Essay.

Well. I learned that even though we are not eighteen yet we can still vote and have a voice in our world because Mr.leh gave us a website that we can vote. I also learn how to be a better person and a student, and how to understand stuff like the news, and I learn how to listen to people around me and how they might have answers that other people might not even know the answers for my questions.
                I realize that there is people who want to listen what young people have to say and that they know that there not the most important thing in the world, because they believe that they can learn more from people our age; and that adults can get along with teenagers and that all there is different from both ages is that we are less mature than adults and that we have to try to be like them and they need to learn how to have fun like us.
How to take care of our nature, like our oceans, seas, animals, etc... But most important how we need to take care of our earth and how we can do that, we can do that by respecting and letting it rest! How we have to let our earth know that we care for her, and we can do that by buying cars that re environmental safety, or that it powers itself with sun light energy, because like that those companies that have to pump the oil out so we can use it for our cars, which I think that, that is a really dirty way for us to move and survive, and I really don’t know why we are using oil still, why can all those car companies can make cars that can use corn as fuel, that’s better because we are not polluting our environment. Corn is something that we can get back and that is not something that is going to hurt our earth, I think it’s going to make her feel better, because we are not raping her by pumping the oil out of the oceans and lands, and if we want to use the earth to make money, we can start growing more corn and stuff that can help our environment. Another thing that we need to do is that we have to take care more of our forests because we are taking over and destroying everything that get in our way. So what do you think? I think that we have to worry more about or earth and all the mess we do in it.
Another thing that I learned is that Democrats are the ones that care about all people and don’t think that our earth is just to make money out of it; they think that nature is important for us to live with a healthy environment. Republicans think that medium class people shouldn’t be treated the same and that we live here to make money, not to make a change in our world.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

1st time i got a 90%2nd time i got 100%

Letter To The President.

Dear President:
I’m writing you this letter because I’m really worried about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, and the spices that are in danger of ending. On my opinion I think you should put thickets on them because they are polluting our oceans, and close their oil machine. Why should you? Because they weren’t careful enough and they didn’t do as the regulations said. So that’s why all this disaster happened and they act like if it wasn’t their fault.
Mr. President like Benito Juarez said “El respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz” which he tried to say that if you respect others everything it’s going to be peaceful, and that’s maybe one thing that the people that weren’t careful enough to be careful with their oil machine, and they are hurting us humans and animals to, they were disrespectful to our nature and one day nature is going to e really mad at them and it’s going to stop giving them OIL!. Another quote that Albert Einstein said “Anger dwells only in the bosom of fools.” Which means that it’s okay to be mad, but never take anger out into each other because we can’t afford being fools, and maybe our whole country is mad, well yeah we have a reason because our country is a mess, and we are taking our madness upon each other, and that makes our community a bad one and that stop us from being successful. Something that we don’t realize is that we should be mad at ourselves, why? Because we all know are irresponsible to and we don’t take care of our nation.
“A man should look for what is, and not for what he thinks should be.” Well in my opinion Albert Einstein is a really honest person, because he is right in so many things like this quote and yeah, we have to accept reality and not say no its going to be ok, like right know the gulf of Mexico is full of oil, and people keep saying that it’s going to be okay. That is a lie because how can that be true if animals are dying because of that of all the oil they are getting into their organisms, like fish, birds. Whales, and other animals, what do you think? I think we have to kick their butts, and not let them open their oil company no more, plus either way they are affecting our environment, but we help them destroy it because we use it for our cars, so we don’t have to walk, which that is something bad we are doing to our selves, because we, (people) are the ones getting over weight. I believe that we are as guilty as the people that pump out the oil. And that makes me really upset because we are helping them to kill our earth. Ha it’s funny how we judge people by the bad actions they do but we don’t realize that we are helping them do it, or we are doing the same thing, and I would recommend you to tell General Motors Company to produce GO GREEN cars so we can protect out earth and let it rest…


Monday, June 14, 2010


Well I’m my point of view I think that we shouldn’t have uniforms for our high schools, because that’s a way that kids can express themselves, a way that they can show their identity who they are or who they want to be. So why do schools just want to take over their student by not letting them express what they feel, because either way there’s going to be kids that that aren’t going to be following  the uniform rules, and students are going to be getting in more trouble because they aren’t going to want to be wearing uniforms.
Also people from school boards think that just because their students are wearing uniforms thy think that student are going to act different, but No! Because the colors that the schools pick are gang related colors {navy blue, kaki, red, blue and black}, and if those are the colors what is the point of wearing uniforms if teachers and principals want uniform so they can reduce the influence of gangs in schools and young people, schools also don’t realize that they take away their personalities; but they think that if all students wear uniforms all student are going to be equally treated, but no because racisms exists and it happens a lot in school; like some white people don’t like color people, so once again there is no point of uniforms; also we all know that we have a low economy and we know that our sons, cousins, daughters, brothers, brother and sisters etc.. Don’t wear uniform all day they just use the uniform for about 7 hours a day, and they take it off, so don’t you think it would be less expensive if they stop wearing uniforms? And if people want their child to be treated with respect, why don’t we teach them how to do that, one more point here if they want to have a scene of unity by using uniforms, I think that that’s not going to work, because not everyone has a different way of thinking and they have different opinions that if you put them together that can cause a fight, and the office is fighting over that so y don’t they just let them do what they think it’s right than if it’s something bad punish them. And that’s how the school can worry less about the uniforms, and they can worry about more important subjects than uniforms.
Okay, going back to uniforms, schools are making student wear uniforms because; they think that appearance is important, which it is, but you can’t change a child appearance, because even if you try to hide it with an uniforms you can’t make them despaired, why don’t we show them how to fix that one problem that people have with appearance. It’s more likely for a kid to accept a kid that is nothing like him, that they dress different, sometimes difference is the answer.  And dressing everyone the same I believe that makes kids think, that they can only be the same with a uniform, and that when you take it off, they can’t like each other no more, and do we want our kids to be different? I don’t think so, schools also think that wearing uniforms can help them recognize people who don’t belong to the school, but it’s easy either way, why? Because anybody that wants to sneak in a school can just go wearing uniform and who is going to know that he doesn’t go to that school? Well nobody because his not going to be different from the other kids. Oh and also I think that wearing uniforms it’s like preparing kids for jail. Because it’s like jail plus wearing uniforms make it more like it, we need our kids to be the thinkers for our future, and uniforms stop them from doing that. Whenever school lets them take regular clothes to school they tell them that it can’t have any type of letters, so where did our freedom of speech went, I believe that they are taking over our children’s freedom of speech, they are taking away their right to speech what they think or believe, and a shirt with writing on it it’s a way to identify themselves.
What do you think?

Friday, June 11, 2010

Unique Essay

Something that makes me different from everybody else is that I am really moody but at the same time I like to have fun, and a really loving person. I think that I’m different because I don’t judge people by how they look, because looks is not what counts in a person it more how you are from the inside and how they treat people around them, like when a guy is nice with his mom, for sure he is going to be nice with his wife or girlfriend.
                In the future I would want people to remember as a good person not just anybody that live to make people feel bad; I want them to remember me for the good stuff I did, like  I know I love nature, I want to show people how to love nature like if it was one of their legs or arms. Because I want people to talk about me in a good way I want to make this world a better place. Where people are thankful of what God gave them, I also want to help people like homeless or teenagers that have drug problems, because, even though I’m still young I think that all people should have someone to talk to, specially young people, I want to help them if they have a problems with their family or their girlfriend boyfriend, whatever problem they had.
                I really want to accomplish that because I don’t want our future to be more mess up than what our present is, I think that I also want to help this is because I know I’m going to have kids and I wouldn’t want them to fall in a drug addiction or a big depression, because most of people who end up having depressions are most likely to commit suicide. And moms don’t want that for their children.
                I want people to respect nature, like animals, plants, water and to see earth like something to have fun with, not to see as a money maker, just take care of it and take care of it because this is our only house in the universe and. Anyways I think I’m unique, because I don’t think like other people do I’m not comfortable till stuff comes out right and try to be a better person that what I already am because I’m a little crazy, but I think the people that care for me, likes me like that; and that they are not going to judge me how I am or the way I think. I know that some people are going to be mad at me because I want to show people, how to love themselves but specially girls because I know that girls are the ones that get more abuse in all kinds of ways and that’s what most of the times girls stop having self respect and they think they don’t worth as much as the guys, and that guys are smarter than us, which I think that sometimes guys are not as smart as girls are. Boys think that they are better than us in a physical way, and they are stronger than us physically, but I think that girl’s minds are stronger because we can hold up a lot of painful thing that can put our self-esteems down and stop loving our selves.
                Anyways I believe that young people need rights too, because they have more rules than rights; and that older people should find a way so young people can trust them more,, and instead of getting mad at them help them fix their mistakes, because there is nobody perfect, and for adults to not scream when they are mad, and just to remain calm because they are more mature then teenagers and they should help them not messed them up more than what they are already and just try your hardest… because all humans should be treated the same and, people not to discriminate on them; because the way they look or who they hang out with because they may be different from all the other people around them, or if they dress different from all the other people, who just follow the same thing of everyday.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Subject-Verb agreement

First time I got 9 right and 4 wrong.
Second time i got 9 right and 3 wrong and spiked 1.
Third time i got got 13 right and nothing wrong.

How To Clean A Car.

How to deep clean the interior of a car, step by step!
First step: start removing all the mats from the car. And start vacuuming the seats, and the carpet. Using the vacuum hose, reach under the seats, and around the pedals, also vacuum in between the seats and this one thing called central console. To vacuum mats, do it separately, so the dirt in them doesn’t spread on the floor.  
With a soft attachment brush, vacuum the sides of the doors. Be careful so you won’t damage the knobs, vents or parts that stick to it. If you have leather seats, be very careful because they are really easy to damage with anything; be careful not to scratch them with the vacuum hose.
To clean Fabric seats and door upholstery:
There is a big number of upholstery cleaning agents waiting for you, but we know that economy is low and we are going to show you how to do it yourself, like we do it. I used spray cleaner (TURTLE WAX). Put the spray softly in seats and the fabric of the door, and rub it really careful so you won’t damage the fabric. Then, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
If you don’t have Upholstery cleaner, then you can also use laundry detergent, that’s something that can also work. Mix some Detergent with warm water, then put the cloth in the warm water, squeeze it out good, because you don’t want the cloth really wet, you want it wary moist. It will work better in dirty areas, and when you are done doing this dry it out with a clean soft cloth.
 Be really careful with water falling inside the car, because if water touches the electrical wires and that might cause problems. Another thing don’t let water fall in the seats or under the carpets because it’s going to smell and its going to leave ugly stains.
Carpet cleaning:
You can use the same method that you used to clean the seats.
Spray the same amount of carpet cleaner and be really careful when you rub it. Then wipe it through, with a dry cloth. The laundry detergent can work when you clean carpets too.
DON’T soak the carpet with water, because it’s going to cause molds smells and corrosion under carpets, dry the water right after cleaning it.
Polishing and cleaning Dashboards.
Clean the dashboard, central console, and any other plastic piece that your car has, with a moist cloth. Don’t use that much amount of detergent to remove stains. To make it shiny spray plastic polishes and spread it with a soft brush. Don’t spray directly on the stereo, because it’s going to make it oily, use a soft brush better.
Dry polish gently with a clean dry cloth. Polish not only makes the dashboard shiny, it protects the plastic. All you need to do after is just use a soft duster periodically and your dashboard will look as good as new. It’s going to last for a long time.
How to get rid of a musty smell from the air conditioner
If your car had a musty smell from the vents when the air conditioner turns on, you can go to your local store, or to car stores and buy odor treatments. This odor treatments, not only kill bad odor, it kills bacteria and it removes that mildew smell.

Alphabet animals

Animals are the cutest thing in the world, like the Aye- Aye, he is the weirdest thing ever he looks like a Bat mix with a Rat with big round eyes.
Black Headed Spider Monkey, the name says it all, he is like a spider that climbs all over the place, so he can have some fun.
Chital when they’re babies the look like little Elks. With a tan color skin and white dots on their backs, they look like cute pieces of clouds in their backs.
Ducks are part of the beauty of water and dirt, because they live in the dirt and they swim most of the time in the water. They come out of an egg, and their feathers are like the second skin like a coat so they won’t be cold.
Elephants are the heaviest animal, those huge amazing animals live in Africa and they are mammals and we have to take care of them because people has been killing them, and if we don’t take care of them they are going to die and we are not going to have them in our environment.
Flamingos, they also come from the egg, and they are pinkish, they have long skinny legs, they sleep on one leg and they hide their head under their wings. They drink water upside down.
Giraffes they live in Africa just like the elephant and their skin are like humans finger prints. None of the other giraffes have the same skin marks. The tallest animal in the world likes to eat; they are herbivores, which that mean that they eat no meet.
Hedgehogs are living in UMEA around 650 km north of Stockholm; they use their skin for self defense. They are classified in the insectivore family Insectivora, they are almost omnivorous, they eat insects, snails, toads and frogs, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons, and watermelons. In fact, berries constitute a major part of an Afghan Hedgehog's diet in early spring after hibernation.
Jaguars are the largest of South America’s big cat! And those beautiful cats are significant numbers of jaguars are found in remotes regions of South and Central America; these animals are prominent in ancient Native American cultures. Unlike other cats, jaguars like water and they are pretty good swimmers, they get their prey from rivers; they eat Fish, were prominent in ancient Native American cultures.
Koalas even though they are called Koala bear they are not bears at all they are; it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal. They live in eastern Australia where the eucalyptus trees they love are most plentiful.
Lesser Panda, these animals have the ability to stand up like humans, they can hold up for 10 seconds at time, he is member of the raccoon family the lesser, or red, panda was once thought to be related to the familiar black-and-white giant panda.
Macaque they are able to grow to a maximum size of 75 cm and 13 kg, their face is a dark pink and their tail is vestigial.
Nyala is a species of antelope found in Southern Africa. Unlike other types of antelope, the nyala prefers thickets in dry savannah woodland or in thick river bank vegetation.
Orangutan; these animals are mammals and they are very intelligent, they are really calm animals and they have red long hair, and supper long arms.
Pumas are also known as cougars, mountain lions, panthers and many more names. Visit this site and embrace the struggles the pumas face trying to avoid extinction.
Quokka this is a small marsupial like the forest wallabies and tree kangaroo's of eastern Australia. Very active at night, the Quokka sleep (often in small groups) during the day in the shelter of dense vegetation, and at night time (being sociable) up to 150 adults converge on waterholes
Red panda, they are the same animals as the lesser panda, they are mammals and they are very similar to a raccoon, of the family called Ursidae.
Slow-Loris The lorises belong to the ancient primate suborder Prosimii ('before apes') and are thus informally referred to as prosimians.
Tiger are the largest cats. Cats they are one of the most threatened species of animal on earth. People kill these animals because of their beautiful skin. But they are also scared of them because a tiger can run up to 35 mph or 56kph. They can get speeding tickets.
Uakari also known as the “bald Uakari” this weird animal is from the Amazon it is threatened by hunting, logging and habitat disturbance, they are from the rain forest of Peru.
Vulture they are located in the mountains of South Europe, North Africa, and South Asia.
White Tiger this animals are located on the Mainland of Southeastern Asia, and Central India, this animals have almost disappeared they live either on zoos or wild life parks.
X- Ray fish these fish are also called Golden Pristella, and it’s really easy to keep because they are rely easy to keep because he is really calm and a really respectful fish. His not really choosy on his water type.
Yak wild yaks weight up to 2200 pounds and they are 6 feet long. Domestic Yaks are used to pull loads on fields because they are like supper strong.
Zebra; zebras, horses and wild uses are equids, they live for a long time and they also move really quickly for their large body. These animals are found in Africa and East Africa. They eat dried grass; Burchell's zebras inhabit savannas, from treeless grasslands to open woodlands.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New LIfe.

Hello, my name is Nori Rico, and I’m new t the neighborhood, if you guys need anything you guys can just ask me. That same day one of my neighbors went to meet me and my boyfriend, and he took his wife, so I just showed her the house  he went with my boyfriend, he showed him the backyard and they talked for a while, and I was showing the girl my house, she really liked it.
Then they stayed there with us for like one hour and they seemed like good people, they were telling us how the neighborhood was and everything and everyone seemed pretty nice! So my boyfriend and I went to see the neighborhood, it was a really nice place. It has a lot of trees and vegetation on the side of the roads, it has really nice big houses with big gardens and grass around the houses, the place is really humid with lots of shade, it’s also really big place. This location is in Washington State. Columbia River.
         Anyways me and my boyfriend were thinking of how to fix and decorate our house, and the next day he came back home from work, and we went to see the furniture, we saw the dining table it is glass with white chairs. After that we went to take pictures of us so we can put them on the walls, the pictures are going to be on black and white, and sepia too. We are going to put those pictures of us, separate on the star walls and another one where we are together on the living room. At the entrance I want to put two things like some weird type of cat looking. And then to your right you are going to see the living room it’s going to be black with a big TV and a big window with white curtains.   

To the other side of the living room it’s going to be the kitchen and it’s going to be white with red, and it’s going to have windows so light can come through. Than when you go up stair you are going to see the bedrooms and the master room it’s going to be aqua blue with white and its going it’s going to have a full bed with wall paper and the bathroom it’s going to be white with aqua blue and its going to have two sinks and a big mirror with a walk in closet. The guest room or the kid’s room it’s going to be orange with lime green, with a white bed set and green curtains. The other room it’s going to be navy blue with white and its going to have a silver bed set. The last bathroom it’s going to have the walls with a polka dots wall paper. And a brown bed set with a white cover. The other bathroom it’s going to be turquoise
The basement it’s going to be a family room with the computer in there and another TV, and the video games. The walls are going to have lots of colors like yellow, lime green, red, hot pink. The front yard is going to be with trees on the side and lots of cool plants with flowers, the back yard it’s going to have a sitting area and like a porch so you can relax there. I also want a place so I can plant tomatoes and watermelons, corn etc.etc. So we can have fresh natural fruits.
When we got home I called my mom telling her sorry but what I did but that I wasn’t going to go back home because I was happy with my new life and that I was thank full for everything she did for me.

Commas Quiz

First time I got an 84%.
Second time I got an 96%.
3rd time I got an 100%

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One day in a town called Sicario city; there was a group of people who would drug deal across the state and country, that group of people would control the whole city and villages around, if they knew that someone new went inside their territory they would see what they were doing, and if they liked a girl they would kidnapped them, and make them suffer till they died.
All this story happened when a family that lived in Arizona, they decided to move back to Mexico because; the new anti immigrants law, so when they moved to Mexico they were getting everything inside their house and some bad guys were passing by to see what was happening in that house, and they saw the two twins! Blasa and Puberta, they were really pretty.
So the weekend started and the two twins wanted to go out and have some fun, so they went to walk around Down Town, and they saw those guys again so, they liked them but they remembered that their parents told them not to talk to nobody in black trucks; because they were bad people. So they were ignoring them while they were walking. So they got back home and they were talking to their mom about those guys that they liked. The mom was really worried for them, so than she wouldn’t let them go anywhere alone, but somehow they find a way to brake in the house and take the girls without their parents knowing!
The twins were really scared because they didn’t know were those guys were taking them, so they got to this beautiful place, that was full of trees and lots of animals those guys kept taking them more inside the forest and till they didn’t know where they were at.
Those guys put the girls in a house and they had them locked in they could only call their parent to tell them that they were fine!!
So the guy that would manage all the drug dealing and all the people in the city walked in the house and he was looking at the girls and he was trying to pick who he wanted to rape first, so the guys who took the girls felt bad because they were doing bad stuff to people that they don’t even have a problem with.
The two man helped the two girls escape, but for the girls to escape they had to hurt their manager, and they knew that they were going to get in trouble; but they also knew that they were doing something good for someone!
One of the guys took the girls home and they were telling their parents what happened and that those guys that brought them, weren’t bad people.
So the hours pass and the manager wouldn’t wake up; so one of the good guys told the other one that they should kill him because if they did that they were going to get in less trouble; and that if they killed him after that they can just burry him somewhere, were nobody would look. They were thinking and thinking! And they went to this place!! The cemetery, the guys killed their manager and they made him suffer like he killed people before, and they left him suffer for a while than they finished killing him.

Recognizing Nouns

First time: 30
Second time: 29
Third time: 32

Recognizing Prepositions

First time I did it:
1st. 11
2nd. 12
3rd. 15

Monday, June 7, 2010

To Do List

  • Be a better daughter.
  • Be a better athlete.
  • Finish high school.
  • Go to collage.
  • See the world.
  • Meet new people
  • Start a family.
  • Get married. 
  • Have 2 kids.
  • Be a good parent.
  • Be a good wife.
  • Make my family happy.
  • Have as much fun as i can, with my family.
  • Help my children to grow and mature.
  • Help people who need help!
  • Make people happy!
  • Live like never before!
  • Love anybody that needs love.
  • Try not to hurt people!
  • Make friends.
  • Be a happy Grandma.
  • Believe that my sons and their sons life is going to be better than mine!
  • Have a healthy life.
  • keep a happy relationship with my husband.
  • Love my self after and before anybody.
I believe that I can be a better daughter, because I know I have a really strong mood, and it’s pretty hard to control it when I’m mad because I can get mad easily for any reason and I know that is a bad thing because I know that that can affect my personal and social life. I know how I am. In my natural mood I try my best to smile all the time and I know that if I keep being that way my life is going to be happier. Smile is worth’s 10.000.000 times more than money.
            To be a better athlete I know I have to practice harder. Because if I’m good during practice I have more confidence that I’m going to do good in game time, plus I have more play time. To do that, I have to have good grades. I also want to finish my high school with a 3.5 or 4.0 because I know I can do that. And if I get that GPA I know that I’m going to have more opportunities.
I want to go to college that has stuff about nutrition; I want t study nutrition because I don’t want people to be dying of liver diseases. Or because they have over weight, It is scientifically proven that when you eat fast food you have more probabilities of getting diabetes I want everybody to be healthy.
Whenever I finish collage I want to see the world. I want to see natures beauty I want to go to all those beautiful places that or world has. And meet people from different places, that speak different languages and that have the same passions that I have, I want to meet people that think different as I do. I want to see the world like other people see it.
          Whenever I’m done traveling, I want to get married and have 2 kids I want a boy and a girl. I want to name them Victoria and Alberto, I want to be a fun mom that makes her kids wants to be with me, I don’t want to have them all bored. I also want to my husband to be happy whit I am and just stay with him forever, and keep our minds young so we don’t get bored of each other.
                 I also want to help people that need my help, because the world isn’t just about me. I want to give love to people who need love or moral support; I believe that is good to listen to other people’s problems because sometimes that helps them to either feel better or relief. I want to be a happy grandma that her grandsons are happy to be with her (me), and that her daughter and her son are proud of their mom (me). I am going to love myself in every single way I’m going to love myself more than I already do. I’m going to accomplish that by having a healthy life (drug free, alcohol free).

Friday, June 4, 2010


I believe that the movie Avatar is really similar to our world right now, because we go to other places to destroy other people’s life, and t kill wild life just so we can get whatever we want and we don’t think about what other people need. Like for example in the movie the marines went to Pandora to look for a new source of life it was a really expensive rock!!! And in our world some random company decided to take oil out of the sea or petroleum out of our earth so they can get money out of it, and we don’t care who ends up hurt. I also learn that we have to stay together, and support each other because there are many people that want to hurt us. And that we need to help or Mother Nature so she can survive and we should make it grow and blossom! I think that if we don’t do anything about this problem or world is going to get worse and worse, in the movie I notice that there were some guys that got together to destroy the people of avatar and destroy everything that got on their way, but avatar people they also got together so they can save their world because they don’t want their children to see a messed up world. Like the one that we have humans have now.
In the movie I notice that everybody had the right to tell the king what they thing, and what they would give them ideas so things can go better in their environment, the king would actually listen to him when he was going to make bad decisions, like when he wanted to kill all humans but the humans, but he never realize that some of them wanted to help them! Avatar people would help and would take care of the place they live in. and that is something we should do to!
Avatar people loved each other and they value the earth. They values of how to treat and respect everything they have and it don’t matter what it is, it could be humans, forest or whatever they think it’s important.
I believe that we should teach or future kids and or adults teen agers how to take care of the earth, and how to have environmental sensitive cars and us girls to use less hair spray and chemical products that affect the ozone layer. Because the owners of all those chemical products don’t care what happens to the world the animals they just want to get money by affecting the world and if we don’t do nothing we are going to end up killing or selves by the actions and the decisions we make when we go to the store and buy all those products that affect our environment. Or when we go buy cars and we get big tricks that waste lost of gas or diesel, and it’s or fault because we just think about us and nobody else.