Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My New LIfe.

Hello, my name is Nori Rico, and I’m new t the neighborhood, if you guys need anything you guys can just ask me. That same day one of my neighbors went to meet me and my boyfriend, and he took his wife, so I just showed her the house  he went with my boyfriend, he showed him the backyard and they talked for a while, and I was showing the girl my house, she really liked it.
Then they stayed there with us for like one hour and they seemed like good people, they were telling us how the neighborhood was and everything and everyone seemed pretty nice! So my boyfriend and I went to see the neighborhood, it was a really nice place. It has a lot of trees and vegetation on the side of the roads, it has really nice big houses with big gardens and grass around the houses, the place is really humid with lots of shade, it’s also really big place. This location is in Washington State. Columbia River.
         Anyways me and my boyfriend were thinking of how to fix and decorate our house, and the next day he came back home from work, and we went to see the furniture, we saw the dining table it is glass with white chairs. After that we went to take pictures of us so we can put them on the walls, the pictures are going to be on black and white, and sepia too. We are going to put those pictures of us, separate on the star walls and another one where we are together on the living room. At the entrance I want to put two things like some weird type of cat looking. And then to your right you are going to see the living room it’s going to be black with a big TV and a big window with white curtains.   

To the other side of the living room it’s going to be the kitchen and it’s going to be white with red, and it’s going to have windows so light can come through. Than when you go up stair you are going to see the bedrooms and the master room it’s going to be aqua blue with white and its going it’s going to have a full bed with wall paper and the bathroom it’s going to be white with aqua blue and its going to have two sinks and a big mirror with a walk in closet. The guest room or the kid’s room it’s going to be orange with lime green, with a white bed set and green curtains. The other room it’s going to be navy blue with white and its going to have a silver bed set. The last bathroom it’s going to have the walls with a polka dots wall paper. And a brown bed set with a white cover. The other bathroom it’s going to be turquoise
The basement it’s going to be a family room with the computer in there and another TV, and the video games. The walls are going to have lots of colors like yellow, lime green, red, hot pink. The front yard is going to be with trees on the side and lots of cool plants with flowers, the back yard it’s going to have a sitting area and like a porch so you can relax there. I also want a place so I can plant tomatoes and watermelons, corn etc.etc. So we can have fresh natural fruits.
When we got home I called my mom telling her sorry but what I did but that I wasn’t going to go back home because I was happy with my new life and that I was thank full for everything she did for me.

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