Thursday, June 10, 2010

Alphabet animals

Animals are the cutest thing in the world, like the Aye- Aye, he is the weirdest thing ever he looks like a Bat mix with a Rat with big round eyes.
Black Headed Spider Monkey, the name says it all, he is like a spider that climbs all over the place, so he can have some fun.
Chital when they’re babies the look like little Elks. With a tan color skin and white dots on their backs, they look like cute pieces of clouds in their backs.
Ducks are part of the beauty of water and dirt, because they live in the dirt and they swim most of the time in the water. They come out of an egg, and their feathers are like the second skin like a coat so they won’t be cold.
Elephants are the heaviest animal, those huge amazing animals live in Africa and they are mammals and we have to take care of them because people has been killing them, and if we don’t take care of them they are going to die and we are not going to have them in our environment.
Flamingos, they also come from the egg, and they are pinkish, they have long skinny legs, they sleep on one leg and they hide their head under their wings. They drink water upside down.
Giraffes they live in Africa just like the elephant and their skin are like humans finger prints. None of the other giraffes have the same skin marks. The tallest animal in the world likes to eat; they are herbivores, which that mean that they eat no meet.
Hedgehogs are living in UMEA around 650 km north of Stockholm; they use their skin for self defense. They are classified in the insectivore family Insectivora, they are almost omnivorous, they eat insects, snails, toads and frogs, snakes, bird eggs, carrion, mushrooms, grass roots, berries, melons, and watermelons. In fact, berries constitute a major part of an Afghan Hedgehog's diet in early spring after hibernation.
Jaguars are the largest of South America’s big cat! And those beautiful cats are significant numbers of jaguars are found in remotes regions of South and Central America; these animals are prominent in ancient Native American cultures. Unlike other cats, jaguars like water and they are pretty good swimmers, they get their prey from rivers; they eat Fish, were prominent in ancient Native American cultures.
Koalas even though they are called Koala bear they are not bears at all they are; it is a marsupial, or pouched mammal. They live in eastern Australia where the eucalyptus trees they love are most plentiful.
Lesser Panda, these animals have the ability to stand up like humans, they can hold up for 10 seconds at time, he is member of the raccoon family the lesser, or red, panda was once thought to be related to the familiar black-and-white giant panda.
Macaque they are able to grow to a maximum size of 75 cm and 13 kg, their face is a dark pink and their tail is vestigial.
Nyala is a species of antelope found in Southern Africa. Unlike other types of antelope, the nyala prefers thickets in dry savannah woodland or in thick river bank vegetation.
Orangutan; these animals are mammals and they are very intelligent, they are really calm animals and they have red long hair, and supper long arms.
Pumas are also known as cougars, mountain lions, panthers and many more names. Visit this site and embrace the struggles the pumas face trying to avoid extinction.
Quokka this is a small marsupial like the forest wallabies and tree kangaroo's of eastern Australia. Very active at night, the Quokka sleep (often in small groups) during the day in the shelter of dense vegetation, and at night time (being sociable) up to 150 adults converge on waterholes
Red panda, they are the same animals as the lesser panda, they are mammals and they are very similar to a raccoon, of the family called Ursidae.
Slow-Loris The lorises belong to the ancient primate suborder Prosimii ('before apes') and are thus informally referred to as prosimians.
Tiger are the largest cats. Cats they are one of the most threatened species of animal on earth. People kill these animals because of their beautiful skin. But they are also scared of them because a tiger can run up to 35 mph or 56kph. They can get speeding tickets.
Uakari also known as the “bald Uakari” this weird animal is from the Amazon it is threatened by hunting, logging and habitat disturbance, they are from the rain forest of Peru.
Vulture they are located in the mountains of South Europe, North Africa, and South Asia.
White Tiger this animals are located on the Mainland of Southeastern Asia, and Central India, this animals have almost disappeared they live either on zoos or wild life parks.
X- Ray fish these fish are also called Golden Pristella, and it’s really easy to keep because they are rely easy to keep because he is really calm and a really respectful fish. His not really choosy on his water type.
Yak wild yaks weight up to 2200 pounds and they are 6 feet long. Domestic Yaks are used to pull loads on fields because they are like supper strong.
Zebra; zebras, horses and wild uses are equids, they live for a long time and they also move really quickly for their large body. These animals are found in Africa and East Africa. They eat dried grass; Burchell's zebras inhabit savannas, from treeless grasslands to open woodlands.

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