Friday, June 4, 2010


I believe that the movie Avatar is really similar to our world right now, because we go to other places to destroy other people’s life, and t kill wild life just so we can get whatever we want and we don’t think about what other people need. Like for example in the movie the marines went to Pandora to look for a new source of life it was a really expensive rock!!! And in our world some random company decided to take oil out of the sea or petroleum out of our earth so they can get money out of it, and we don’t care who ends up hurt. I also learn that we have to stay together, and support each other because there are many people that want to hurt us. And that we need to help or Mother Nature so she can survive and we should make it grow and blossom! I think that if we don’t do anything about this problem or world is going to get worse and worse, in the movie I notice that there were some guys that got together to destroy the people of avatar and destroy everything that got on their way, but avatar people they also got together so they can save their world because they don’t want their children to see a messed up world. Like the one that we have humans have now.
In the movie I notice that everybody had the right to tell the king what they thing, and what they would give them ideas so things can go better in their environment, the king would actually listen to him when he was going to make bad decisions, like when he wanted to kill all humans but the humans, but he never realize that some of them wanted to help them! Avatar people would help and would take care of the place they live in. and that is something we should do to!
Avatar people loved each other and they value the earth. They values of how to treat and respect everything they have and it don’t matter what it is, it could be humans, forest or whatever they think it’s important.
I believe that we should teach or future kids and or adults teen agers how to take care of the earth, and how to have environmental sensitive cars and us girls to use less hair spray and chemical products that affect the ozone layer. Because the owners of all those chemical products don’t care what happens to the world the animals they just want to get money by affecting the world and if we don’t do nothing we are going to end up killing or selves by the actions and the decisions we make when we go to the store and buy all those products that affect our environment. Or when we go buy cars and we get big tricks that waste lost of gas or diesel, and it’s or fault because we just think about us and nobody else.

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