Monday, June 14, 2010


Well I’m my point of view I think that we shouldn’t have uniforms for our high schools, because that’s a way that kids can express themselves, a way that they can show their identity who they are or who they want to be. So why do schools just want to take over their student by not letting them express what they feel, because either way there’s going to be kids that that aren’t going to be following  the uniform rules, and students are going to be getting in more trouble because they aren’t going to want to be wearing uniforms.
Also people from school boards think that just because their students are wearing uniforms thy think that student are going to act different, but No! Because the colors that the schools pick are gang related colors {navy blue, kaki, red, blue and black}, and if those are the colors what is the point of wearing uniforms if teachers and principals want uniform so they can reduce the influence of gangs in schools and young people, schools also don’t realize that they take away their personalities; but they think that if all students wear uniforms all student are going to be equally treated, but no because racisms exists and it happens a lot in school; like some white people don’t like color people, so once again there is no point of uniforms; also we all know that we have a low economy and we know that our sons, cousins, daughters, brothers, brother and sisters etc.. Don’t wear uniform all day they just use the uniform for about 7 hours a day, and they take it off, so don’t you think it would be less expensive if they stop wearing uniforms? And if people want their child to be treated with respect, why don’t we teach them how to do that, one more point here if they want to have a scene of unity by using uniforms, I think that that’s not going to work, because not everyone has a different way of thinking and they have different opinions that if you put them together that can cause a fight, and the office is fighting over that so y don’t they just let them do what they think it’s right than if it’s something bad punish them. And that’s how the school can worry less about the uniforms, and they can worry about more important subjects than uniforms.
Okay, going back to uniforms, schools are making student wear uniforms because; they think that appearance is important, which it is, but you can’t change a child appearance, because even if you try to hide it with an uniforms you can’t make them despaired, why don’t we show them how to fix that one problem that people have with appearance. It’s more likely for a kid to accept a kid that is nothing like him, that they dress different, sometimes difference is the answer.  And dressing everyone the same I believe that makes kids think, that they can only be the same with a uniform, and that when you take it off, they can’t like each other no more, and do we want our kids to be different? I don’t think so, schools also think that wearing uniforms can help them recognize people who don’t belong to the school, but it’s easy either way, why? Because anybody that wants to sneak in a school can just go wearing uniform and who is going to know that he doesn’t go to that school? Well nobody because his not going to be different from the other kids. Oh and also I think that wearing uniforms it’s like preparing kids for jail. Because it’s like jail plus wearing uniforms make it more like it, we need our kids to be the thinkers for our future, and uniforms stop them from doing that. Whenever school lets them take regular clothes to school they tell them that it can’t have any type of letters, so where did our freedom of speech went, I believe that they are taking over our children’s freedom of speech, they are taking away their right to speech what they think or believe, and a shirt with writing on it it’s a way to identify themselves.
What do you think?

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