Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Clean A Car.

How to deep clean the interior of a car, step by step!
First step: start removing all the mats from the car. And start vacuuming the seats, and the carpet. Using the vacuum hose, reach under the seats, and around the pedals, also vacuum in between the seats and this one thing called central console. To vacuum mats, do it separately, so the dirt in them doesn’t spread on the floor.  
With a soft attachment brush, vacuum the sides of the doors. Be careful so you won’t damage the knobs, vents or parts that stick to it. If you have leather seats, be very careful because they are really easy to damage with anything; be careful not to scratch them with the vacuum hose.
To clean Fabric seats and door upholstery:
There is a big number of upholstery cleaning agents waiting for you, but we know that economy is low and we are going to show you how to do it yourself, like we do it. I used spray cleaner (TURTLE WAX). Put the spray softly in seats and the fabric of the door, and rub it really careful so you won’t damage the fabric. Then, wipe it off with a dry cloth.
If you don’t have Upholstery cleaner, then you can also use laundry detergent, that’s something that can also work. Mix some Detergent with warm water, then put the cloth in the warm water, squeeze it out good, because you don’t want the cloth really wet, you want it wary moist. It will work better in dirty areas, and when you are done doing this dry it out with a clean soft cloth.
 Be really careful with water falling inside the car, because if water touches the electrical wires and that might cause problems. Another thing don’t let water fall in the seats or under the carpets because it’s going to smell and its going to leave ugly stains.
Carpet cleaning:
You can use the same method that you used to clean the seats.
Spray the same amount of carpet cleaner and be really careful when you rub it. Then wipe it through, with a dry cloth. The laundry detergent can work when you clean carpets too.
DON’T soak the carpet with water, because it’s going to cause molds smells and corrosion under carpets, dry the water right after cleaning it.
Polishing and cleaning Dashboards.
Clean the dashboard, central console, and any other plastic piece that your car has, with a moist cloth. Don’t use that much amount of detergent to remove stains. To make it shiny spray plastic polishes and spread it with a soft brush. Don’t spray directly on the stereo, because it’s going to make it oily, use a soft brush better.
Dry polish gently with a clean dry cloth. Polish not only makes the dashboard shiny, it protects the plastic. All you need to do after is just use a soft duster periodically and your dashboard will look as good as new. It’s going to last for a long time.
How to get rid of a musty smell from the air conditioner
If your car had a musty smell from the vents when the air conditioner turns on, you can go to your local store, or to car stores and buy odor treatments. This odor treatments, not only kill bad odor, it kills bacteria and it removes that mildew smell.

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