Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Final Essay.

Well. I learned that even though we are not eighteen yet we can still vote and have a voice in our world because Mr.leh gave us a website that we can vote. I also learn how to be a better person and a student, and how to understand stuff like the news, and I learn how to listen to people around me and how they might have answers that other people might not even know the answers for my questions.
                I realize that there is people who want to listen what young people have to say and that they know that there not the most important thing in the world, because they believe that they can learn more from people our age; and that adults can get along with teenagers and that all there is different from both ages is that we are less mature than adults and that we have to try to be like them and they need to learn how to have fun like us.
How to take care of our nature, like our oceans, seas, animals, etc... But most important how we need to take care of our earth and how we can do that, we can do that by respecting and letting it rest! How we have to let our earth know that we care for her, and we can do that by buying cars that re environmental safety, or that it powers itself with sun light energy, because like that those companies that have to pump the oil out so we can use it for our cars, which I think that, that is a really dirty way for us to move and survive, and I really don’t know why we are using oil still, why can all those car companies can make cars that can use corn as fuel, that’s better because we are not polluting our environment. Corn is something that we can get back and that is not something that is going to hurt our earth, I think it’s going to make her feel better, because we are not raping her by pumping the oil out of the oceans and lands, and if we want to use the earth to make money, we can start growing more corn and stuff that can help our environment. Another thing that we need to do is that we have to take care more of our forests because we are taking over and destroying everything that get in our way. So what do you think? I think that we have to worry more about or earth and all the mess we do in it.
Another thing that I learned is that Democrats are the ones that care about all people and don’t think that our earth is just to make money out of it; they think that nature is important for us to live with a healthy environment. Republicans think that medium class people shouldn’t be treated the same and that we live here to make money, not to make a change in our world.

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