Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Am Poem

I am a weird funny person.
I wonder if there is life away from earth.
I hear people talking to me! (saying my name)
I see a beautiful world with out danger, and with a clean environment.
I want to be a successful person.
I am a weird funny person.

I pretend to be a better person everyday.
I feel like flying like a butterfly.
I touch the clouds.
I worry that I'm going to loose the person i love.
I cry when I'm scared.
I am a weird funny person.

I understand that its not always about me.
I say that i can always be better.
I dream of being a successful nutritionist.
I try my hardest at everything i do.
I hope not to be a bad human in the future.
I am a weird funny person!


  1. I really like your poem (:
    -& that picture is really funny

  2. awwwes thank yuh hunny bunches!!!