Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Well in my house some weird stuff have happened, but nobody knows why!
                One night we were in my house and it was my mom and all my sisters were there, and we were watching television in my mom’s room and all of a sudden the shower turns on, and the weird thing is that nobody was at the bathroom, and all the doors were closed. So than my auntie knocks the door (she lives next door from us) and she tells us that someone was in her bathroom taking a shower, and that when she walked in to the bathroom she saw when they picked up the soap, than she told us that when she saw that she started to run over here, my auntie she was really scared.
My mom and my sisters told her that something weird happened there too. They were explaining her what happened and everything. So they were all scared and they didn’t know what to do.
 One day me and my cousins decided to sleep in the back yard, we wanted to stay because our backyard in Mexico has a lot of trees and grass and stuff so It feels like if we were in the forest, anyways we were in the camping tents and we were having fun, when all of a sudden we see like a girl dressed all black like if she was a nun, but we actually didn’t know why she was there so late, so we kind of let it go and latter that same night we see a shadow that looked like a man and everything but his feet weren’t touching the ground. So we just left everything there and we ran to the house and we were telling my mom, but I don’t even know if she believed us because we were all talking at the same time!!! So time paste, and there was no sounds or any sign of paranormal creatures. Vacations was almost over and I wanted a glass of milk and I asked one of my older sisters if she could bring it so she was going when she say a shadow of someone walking in the hall, so she was still going for the milk but then she heard that they were serving coffee to someone so she just jumped in the bed!
                In the morning my older sister was cleaning my grandpas room, and all random  smoke was coming out of the closet so she was checking if there was something burning in there but no. she told us that when the smoke started coming out everything got all dark even the windows. And that when all the some went away she sat down in the bed and that she saw my grandpa and my grandmother together holding hands, and she also told us that they both seem happy!!
 So we think that it was them visiting us because they missed us and they wanted to see us all together like we are used to be!

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