Tuesday, June 8, 2010


One day in a town called Sicario city; there was a group of people who would drug deal across the state and country, that group of people would control the whole city and villages around, if they knew that someone new went inside their territory they would see what they were doing, and if they liked a girl they would kidnapped them, and make them suffer till they died.
All this story happened when a family that lived in Arizona, they decided to move back to Mexico because; the new anti immigrants law, so when they moved to Mexico they were getting everything inside their house and some bad guys were passing by to see what was happening in that house, and they saw the two twins! Blasa and Puberta, they were really pretty.
So the weekend started and the two twins wanted to go out and have some fun, so they went to walk around Down Town, and they saw those guys again so, they liked them but they remembered that their parents told them not to talk to nobody in black trucks; because they were bad people. So they were ignoring them while they were walking. So they got back home and they were talking to their mom about those guys that they liked. The mom was really worried for them, so than she wouldn’t let them go anywhere alone, but somehow they find a way to brake in the house and take the girls without their parents knowing!
The twins were really scared because they didn’t know were those guys were taking them, so they got to this beautiful place, that was full of trees and lots of animals those guys kept taking them more inside the forest and till they didn’t know where they were at.
Those guys put the girls in a house and they had them locked in they could only call their parent to tell them that they were fine!!
So the guy that would manage all the drug dealing and all the people in the city walked in the house and he was looking at the girls and he was trying to pick who he wanted to rape first, so the guys who took the girls felt bad because they were doing bad stuff to people that they don’t even have a problem with.
The two man helped the two girls escape, but for the girls to escape they had to hurt their manager, and they knew that they were going to get in trouble; but they also knew that they were doing something good for someone!
One of the guys took the girls home and they were telling their parents what happened and that those guys that brought them, weren’t bad people.
So the hours pass and the manager wouldn’t wake up; so one of the good guys told the other one that they should kill him because if they did that they were going to get in less trouble; and that if they killed him after that they can just burry him somewhere, were nobody would look. They were thinking and thinking! And they went to this place!! The cemetery, the guys killed their manager and they made him suffer like he killed people before, and they left him suffer for a while than they finished killing him.

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