Friday, June 11, 2010

Unique Essay

Something that makes me different from everybody else is that I am really moody but at the same time I like to have fun, and a really loving person. I think that I’m different because I don’t judge people by how they look, because looks is not what counts in a person it more how you are from the inside and how they treat people around them, like when a guy is nice with his mom, for sure he is going to be nice with his wife or girlfriend.
                In the future I would want people to remember as a good person not just anybody that live to make people feel bad; I want them to remember me for the good stuff I did, like  I know I love nature, I want to show people how to love nature like if it was one of their legs or arms. Because I want people to talk about me in a good way I want to make this world a better place. Where people are thankful of what God gave them, I also want to help people like homeless or teenagers that have drug problems, because, even though I’m still young I think that all people should have someone to talk to, specially young people, I want to help them if they have a problems with their family or their girlfriend boyfriend, whatever problem they had.
                I really want to accomplish that because I don’t want our future to be more mess up than what our present is, I think that I also want to help this is because I know I’m going to have kids and I wouldn’t want them to fall in a drug addiction or a big depression, because most of people who end up having depressions are most likely to commit suicide. And moms don’t want that for their children.
                I want people to respect nature, like animals, plants, water and to see earth like something to have fun with, not to see as a money maker, just take care of it and take care of it because this is our only house in the universe and. Anyways I think I’m unique, because I don’t think like other people do I’m not comfortable till stuff comes out right and try to be a better person that what I already am because I’m a little crazy, but I think the people that care for me, likes me like that; and that they are not going to judge me how I am or the way I think. I know that some people are going to be mad at me because I want to show people, how to love themselves but specially girls because I know that girls are the ones that get more abuse in all kinds of ways and that’s what most of the times girls stop having self respect and they think they don’t worth as much as the guys, and that guys are smarter than us, which I think that sometimes guys are not as smart as girls are. Boys think that they are better than us in a physical way, and they are stronger than us physically, but I think that girl’s minds are stronger because we can hold up a lot of painful thing that can put our self-esteems down and stop loving our selves.
                Anyways I believe that young people need rights too, because they have more rules than rights; and that older people should find a way so young people can trust them more,, and instead of getting mad at them help them fix their mistakes, because there is nobody perfect, and for adults to not scream when they are mad, and just to remain calm because they are more mature then teenagers and they should help them not messed them up more than what they are already and just try your hardest… because all humans should be treated the same and, people not to discriminate on them; because the way they look or who they hang out with because they may be different from all the other people around them, or if they dress different from all the other people, who just follow the same thing of everyday.

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