Tuesday, June 1, 2010

me and me and me!

well my life is precious because, I have my mom is important because she is the person who brought me to life.

The best gifts that I've ever had is that I've all my family together, and I learned that after many stuff I did, I realize that they are the best.. because i know that if I do something bad and i something occurs on my life aether good or bad, I know that they are going be supporting me at anything I do, what ever decision I make I Know that they are going to be supporting me.

Is your family like that?

My life is precious because I have my boyfriend he is the best, he makes me realize and he show my how to accept my mistakes and he shows me how to forget what other people do to me, which I have a huge problem, he helps me and shows me to control my anger when I'm mad. my sisters are awesome too.

another thing that makes my life precious is that I'm proud of my self I don't regret doing the mistakes I id in the past, because if i would of never done them, than I would of never learn from them.

so all the mistakes I id in my short life are what are going to help me to be a better person and that is what is going to make me succeed and mature in life. um I now that what ever I want to do (good stuff) my family is going to help me reach my goal, by supporting me in my ideas, the way I Think in my universe ha with my family and people around are my past my present and my future because they are the ones that have been toughting me how to be different..

Is your family like mine?
Do you love your family like I love mine?
think about it and what ever you do don't forget that family is the only thing that humans have if they need moral help. s don't think about telling them that you love them!!

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