Monday, June 7, 2010

To Do List

  • Be a better daughter.
  • Be a better athlete.
  • Finish high school.
  • Go to collage.
  • See the world.
  • Meet new people
  • Start a family.
  • Get married. 
  • Have 2 kids.
  • Be a good parent.
  • Be a good wife.
  • Make my family happy.
  • Have as much fun as i can, with my family.
  • Help my children to grow and mature.
  • Help people who need help!
  • Make people happy!
  • Live like never before!
  • Love anybody that needs love.
  • Try not to hurt people!
  • Make friends.
  • Be a happy Grandma.
  • Believe that my sons and their sons life is going to be better than mine!
  • Have a healthy life.
  • keep a happy relationship with my husband.
  • Love my self after and before anybody.
I believe that I can be a better daughter, because I know I have a really strong mood, and it’s pretty hard to control it when I’m mad because I can get mad easily for any reason and I know that is a bad thing because I know that that can affect my personal and social life. I know how I am. In my natural mood I try my best to smile all the time and I know that if I keep being that way my life is going to be happier. Smile is worth’s 10.000.000 times more than money.
            To be a better athlete I know I have to practice harder. Because if I’m good during practice I have more confidence that I’m going to do good in game time, plus I have more play time. To do that, I have to have good grades. I also want to finish my high school with a 3.5 or 4.0 because I know I can do that. And if I get that GPA I know that I’m going to have more opportunities.
I want to go to college that has stuff about nutrition; I want t study nutrition because I don’t want people to be dying of liver diseases. Or because they have over weight, It is scientifically proven that when you eat fast food you have more probabilities of getting diabetes I want everybody to be healthy.
Whenever I finish collage I want to see the world. I want to see natures beauty I want to go to all those beautiful places that or world has. And meet people from different places, that speak different languages and that have the same passions that I have, I want to meet people that think different as I do. I want to see the world like other people see it.
          Whenever I’m done traveling, I want to get married and have 2 kids I want a boy and a girl. I want to name them Victoria and Alberto, I want to be a fun mom that makes her kids wants to be with me, I don’t want to have them all bored. I also want to my husband to be happy whit I am and just stay with him forever, and keep our minds young so we don’t get bored of each other.
                 I also want to help people that need my help, because the world isn’t just about me. I want to give love to people who need love or moral support; I believe that is good to listen to other people’s problems because sometimes that helps them to either feel better or relief. I want to be a happy grandma that her grandsons are happy to be with her (me), and that her daughter and her son are proud of their mom (me). I am going to love myself in every single way I’m going to love myself more than I already do. I’m going to accomplish that by having a healthy life (drug free, alcohol free).

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